Sonntag, 9. April 2017

Space:1889 Aerial Combat project

I am finally tackling a project that has been knocking about at the back of my mind for years:
a game for combat between Martian Cloudships and colonial Aerial Gunboats in the skies of the Red Planet.

Two things need to be sorted out: models and rules.

For models, I have found someone to design 3d-models of the hulls that I can print and then embellish with details, rigging, ordnance et cetera. I already have the test model for the British 'Aphid' class gunboat (you will find images of the model below). As soons as I have obtained a test print to check scale, 8 more hulls will be 3d-modelled. Scale is 1/300th(ish).
Ships will be modelled on home-made flight stands involving telescopic pointers, neodyme magnets and a genereous helping of stuff from the plumbing section of my local DIY store. So models will be shown at different altitudes, and they can yaw (obviously), but will not roll or pitch.

For rules, well, I will write my own. Again. :o)
I intend to steal a lot from games like, for example, Star Wars:X-Wing, where I like the way movement needs to be planned in advance, and is handled by means of templates. Rules will be geared towards each player commanding one to three ships, so they will simulate individual ship and small squadron actions, rather than grand fleets.

Stay tuned for news.

HMS 'Aphid'

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