Sonntag, 4. August 2013

BattleFleet Baltic - Updated Ship Sheets

We have continued our play-tests for BFB. The rules are pretty much done, expect for minor tweaks and clarifications, but the mechanisms as such are sound now.

The Teutonic Order and the Kingdom of Sweden an Denmark (a.k.a. the Union of Kalmar) have a fair few ship classes stamped green, i.e. the stats will not change anymore.
Swedish-Danish Fleet (British in Dystopian Wars)
Fleet of the Teutonic Order (Prussians in DW)

The New Finland Fleet has seen initial play-testing. The general shape of the stats is there, but details will change.
New Finland Fleet (Antarctica in DW)

The remaining fleets are statted, but have not been tested. Expect to see substantial changes in revisions.
Fleet of the British Commonwealth (French in DW; on the painting table, therefore next to be tested)
Fleet of the Novgorod Commune (FSA in DW)
Fleet of the Hanseatic League (Italians in DW)
Royal Polish Fleet (Japanese in DW)

Feel free to download, test and give us feedback.

On the horizon, CBDR:

  • Point values for Teutonic Order and SweDenmark
  • A report on the BFB presentation at Trave Spieler Treff in September
  • An extensive battle report. 

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