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BattleFleet Baltic - beta version

The rules for BattleFleet Baltic have proceeded past the initial test phase, and will now be made available to the general public (that's you out there), for play-testing, feedback, ranting, what have you.

What's all this 'BattleFleet Baltic' malarkey then? Simple: I bought a bucket full of Spartan's Dystopian Wars ships when they came out, because I loved the models to distraction (and still do).
When I got hold of the rules and tested them, however, I found that they do not agree with a hoary gamer like yours truly: they are too fine-grained for my taste.

To avoid the embarrassment of committing yet another consignment of lead (well, resin) to the bottomless storage shelves, there to gather dust until Judgement Day, I decided to cook up my own rules for them.
Having shanghaied a couple of gaming mates, we set out to design rules, sketch out a background set in 1912 in an alternative history Baltic Sea, and run initial play tests. The result of which labours you may download below:


BattleFleet Baltic rules - The booklet containing the complete set of rules. You will also need some of the ship sheets below to play, as they contain the ship statistics.

Baltic Gazetteer (background) - An overview of the nations that form the faction in BattleFleet Baltic. As such, the first instalment in a number of essays that will detail the alternative history setting for this game.

Ship sheets for the Teutonic Order - These use the Dystopian Wars models for the Prussian Empire. The file provides you with everything you need to play all models in the Prussian starter box and some beyond that, based on our model collection. The file is in .pdf format.

Ship sheets for the Royal Swedish-Danish Navy - Same thing for the SweDanes. Again, the file has all you need to play with models from the Britannian starter box, and some more besides.


So what's that got to do with you? Well, if you would like to give your DisWars ships a bit of a different spin, feel free to try out our rules. And, more importantly, we will be very grateful for any feedback you have. No matter if it is on rules, stats, background, what ship sheets you would like to see, or presentation, anything will allow us to continue our work and tune the rules while churning out ship sheets for the other factions.

Next Up

On the horizon, CBDR:
  • the Gotland Incident, a demonstration scenario
  • ship sheets for the Hanseatic League (French Models)
  • ship sheets for the Finnish Fennoman Navy (Covenant of Antarctica Models)
  • ship sheets for the Kingdom of Poland (Blazing Suns Models)
  • ship sheets for the Commune of Novgorod (FSA Models)
  • ship sheets for the renegade Finnish Merivoimat Marinen (Russian Models)
  • 5 scenarios arranged in a narrative campaign, covering the Gotland Campaign waged by the Teutonic Order against SweDenmark, with guest appearances by other navies 
  • an extension book covering submarines and introducing a new faction (hint: their leader empties his cups in one draught)
  • a set of map-based campaign rules

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